MobileCam features unique performance parameters and proves itself via its reliability and performance.

The Argosguard MobileCam protects your property using the latest in video analytics and with the highest level of reliability. That’s our promise to you.

MobileCam is a mobile camera tower with high-resolution IP cameras and a 360° panoramic view, as well as a detection range spanning 100 m. Alarm monitoring is carried out in a specialized video and monitoring centre. If so desired, alarm monitoring can be switched to the client’s control board. Argosguard provides mobile operator control panels for event monitoring. Management of emergencies is carried out by the police or security services. Personal remote access via the client app is included as standard.

Can be implemented anywhere

MobileCam can be implemented for any property or premises. Several video towers can be set up and activated simultaneously in one delivery. MobileCam can function independently, as it uses satellite transmission and a fuel cell.

Intelligent Cameras
over 8m above ground

MobileCam is mounted on an eight metre high telescopic mast, thus enabling a continuous panoramic view of everything within range. The cameras can be raised or lowered according to time control or individually (remote).

Management of emergencies

All planned emergency and intervention methods are systematically documented by Argosguard specialists and set down in detail for the monitoring process. These measures enable Argosguard to handle events not only before an incident happens but also to ensure that no damage occurs.

Mobile and Intelligent Video Monitoring: TOP 10+ USP

  1. State-of-the-art video analytics
  2. Mobile and intelligent video surveillance with certified privacy functions
  3. Personalized settings which can be adjusted quickly
  4. Automatic pan-zoom mode with HD cameras and integrated infrared light
  5. Monitoring for alarms, events and businesses is mobile and specialized
  6. Detection at a range of up to 100 m with perfect high-resolution night vision
  7. Remote management for all processes
  8. 24/7 monitoring from a height of 8 metres
  9. Live-view via smartphone
  10. Immediate reaction via the Argosguard Portal
  11. Experienced in service, and in making good our security promise
  12. Now even more efficient hazard detection with the new „Deep Learning Technology“

Security: Alarm checking, perimeter securing, video circuits
Service: Entrance/access management, monitoring suppliers
Business: Business video intelligence for your business process

Ready to meet any requirement

MobileCam MC360 – the flagship from Argosguard


  • Three PTZ cameras with integrated infrared beams and automatic tracking ensure perfect recordings every time.
  • The detection zone for PTZ cameras covers a permanent surveillance sector of 3x 60° with a range of 100 metres.
  • An additional fish-eye camera monitors a 360° surveillance sector with a range of 20 metres and also serves to monitor all around the tower.
  • A loudspeaker enables live communication with the offender from a remote location via the control panel
  • Focused / unfocused time management can be planned flexibly
  • The telescopic mast, which can be extended remotely (over 8 metres tall – time controlled or individually controlled from the control panel) ensures maximum flexibility.
  • Inbuilt emergency power supply protects the equipment from cut-outs for over 24 hours
  • GPS tracker provides location positioning
  • The client can take a picture of the imagery at any time using the app

MobileCam MCmodul – Creating personalised video monitoring


  • Basic configuration and performance parameters, i.e. MC360 360 with two dome cameras
  • Add a module: a third camera, which can perform an additional task, i.e.: Thermal, video based fire detection, additional business application specifically for the client’s business model

MobileCam MCstand alone


  • Basic configuration and performance parameters, i.e. MC360 with one dome camera
  • A small unit, which can be implemented when limited space requires that a compact device be used

MobileCam MCdetect

In this solution, property is secured via door contact sensors and/or motion detectors, which are perfectly synchronised to the system and communicate with the MobileCam cameras.

MobileCam MCpower

In this solution, the MobileCam is supplemented with a module: a fuel cell providing an independent power supply, thus ensuring that security aims are completely fulfilled even without a power source.

Data transmission is carried out via UMTS/LTE for all three solutions (360, detect, power). Equally, you can choose whether data are transferred using LAN, WLAN or a satellite link. Each solution can function as a stand-alone unit or can be combined with other solutions. If you so wish, it is possible to record from other camera systems.

The MobileCam in Action

The MobileCam offers you constant high-level protection, whether you use it on real estate, on factory premises, at events or on construction sites.


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