Potsdam, 15.11.2015 René Helbig (51) founded the company Argosguard GmbH in Potsdam in November. Argosguard offers innovative and flexible security solutions which respond to very high demand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the MobileCam product. Future clients will receive reliable, quick and safe service from distribution centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Once we receive the order, we will have our video surveillance solutions on-site and ready for use within 24 hours. We’re ready for anything at the drop of a hat: construction sites, events, car dealerships and industrial companies can all use us” stated Helbig, an expert in security.

The owner of Argosguard GmbH, René Helbig

The owner of Argosguard GmbH, René Helbig

With secure data transfer of notifications and video imagery via satellite and their usage of specialized batteries, Argosguard’s solutions can be implemented any time, anywhere.
Helbig has over 30 years of experience in the security sector. Recently, the qualified business manager was responsible for the business partner Mobile Services, monitoring of the emergency and service coordination centres and Securitas Technical Solutions in his role as a member of the executive board and CTO of the German branch of Securitas, a security company.

“From the end of January, the first MobileCam solutions will be implemented for our clients’”, Helbig explained at the starting point for delivery of the systems.

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