Trust in Argosguard’s performance is becoming increasingly more international: today, the video towers cannot only be found in Germany, Sweden and Austria, but most recently also in France.


Lyon is now home to the branch office of our French distribution partner. Olivier Ansiaux, the CEO of Argosguard in France, is an “old hand” in the business as well as a sales expert with a background in security technology. He is starting out with a range that includes all the services in the Argosguard portfolio. The French market offers huge potential: the objective is to establish over 100 of Argosguard’s digital high-tech devices by 2020.

Argosguard was founded in Germany in November 2015. Since then, the MobileCams have been continuously further developed and adapted to various customer requirements.

„This means we are now in the “third generation” of development and use of the MobileCam product range. Therefore, Olivier Ansiaux’s customers will benefit from the most state-of-the-art standard within the MobileCam family,“ says Argosguard’s Technical Director Frank Käferböck, who is responsible for Argosguard’s Austrian business.

The towers’ modular design, an interactive customer portal and particularly the use of deep learning technology, which has significantly improved video surveillance management, make all the difference here. Of course, those customers that already trust Argosguard will receive corresponding updates.