MobileCam = Mobile and Intelligent Video Surveillance in Use.

MobileCam, a high-quality security system, is optimized for almost all applications. The MobileCam always offers you a high level of protection, whether you use it on real estate, on factory premises, at events or on construction sites.


Construction Industry

Our mobile video surveillance system can be used flexibly. The location under surveillance can be adjusted and varied, in line with the stages of the construction work. Areas requiring special security measures – such as construction storage containers, construction site equipment etc. – which may, for example, be situated outside the cameras’ surveillance zone of the site, can be further secured by setting up detectors. These detectors are linked with the MobileCam and the dome cameras turn and zoom automatically when movement is detected to observe that zone – up to a distance of 500 m with license plate recognition. MobileCam also offers the opportunity to use time-lapse logging to document the progress of your construction work.

Video surveillance of any and all building sites.

  • Motorway construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Apartment construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Industrial estates
  • Suburban estates
  • Rail construction
  • Harbour and port facilities

Energy Sector

Over 1,000 new wind farms, solar energy parks and biomass facilities are created every year in Germany. Here, our mobile and intelligent video surveillance systems function optimally and efficiently for the construction, conversion and renovation phases of development as a result of their flexible applications and the fact that they are not reliant on power sources (electricity, telephone network). MobileCam transfers the data via a satellite link and uses its own fuel cell as a source of power.

Video monitoring in power plants, wind farms, solar parks and power distribution stations.

  • Lignite-fuelled power stations
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Intermediate storage facilities for nuclear power plants
  • Wind farms
  • Solar parks
  • Power distribution stations

Automotive Industry

There are over 20,000 car dealerships in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and all of them experience the same problems: theft of cars or parts, damage to showroom vehicles and showroom and garage break-ins. Securing the outdoor areas with MobileCam means that you’re defended before an offender attacks. Manufacturers’ car storage parks or exposed spaces at logistics centres are a huge attraction for offenders. The offender is checked as soon as they enter the premises with MobileCam, thanks to its flexible location application.

Video surveillance and monitoring with live discussion with the offender and involvement of the police or security service.

  • Exposed spaces at car dealerships
  • Used car dealerships
  • Manufacturers’ storage premises
  • Large car parks of companies
  • Vehicle logistics centres
  • Garages and processing centres with exposed spaces


Huge concerts, sport, cultural and general events can be monitored and secured with the MobileCam remote camera system. With real-time on-site video monitoring, criminal activity and offenders can be recognised immediately, intelligent applications can be utilised for activities such as visitor counting, the number of people per m² and far more can be achieved besides. The course of the event will be preventively monitored (influx of visitors, escape route safeguarding, etc.) In addition, the event organisers can define privacy zones which will be set up.

Video surveillance with real-time on-site monitoring for sporting, cultural or trade fair events is high-performance and cost efficient with MobileCam, as its camera towers can be implemented flexibly and independently of the location. They can also be used by the police.  

  • Sporting events
  • Rock concerts
  • Trade fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Fan fests (Public Viewing)
  • Public events (state visits etc.)

The Security Sector

MobileCam is used by the private security sector to ensure temporary security for clients, or to boost it. Flexibility and 24-hour system availability are the focal points here, which means that we are able to satisfy clients’ requirements to the letter immediately.

MobileCam supports security services in guarding.

  • Special services following break-ins, dangerous situations or security situations
  • On-call services for events, trade fairs and for major clients
  • For security technology failure for clients
  • To cover the installation period for new technology for clients
  • Connection to your security service’s own control centre via data interfacing


Learn how you can benefit from the mobile and intelligent MobileCam video surveillance system.


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